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Top 5 Must-Have SEO Tools to Drive Traffic Online

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a must-have strategy in today’s business landscape. With the business climate becoming increasingly competitive thanks to the Internet, it’s important that businesses optimize their sites to attract and engage customers.

As search engines endlessly change their algorithms, it’s challenging to keep up and continuously optimize your site. This is why many organizations, from Denver to Washington, are enlisting the help of SEO services to do the job for them.

These SEO services use the latest tools to help businesses impress customers, get ahead of competitors, and get on the good side of search engines.

There is a wide range of high-level SEO tools—some of them are free, while others offer premium services for a fee. Several businesses use these tools to analyze their site before deciding whether they should hire an expert to implement strategies such as website optimization.

Here are the five best tools used by many SEO experts, as well as businesses that have succeeded in getting SEO to work for them.

SEO Tools to Drive Traffic Online

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1. Google Search Console

As the leading search engine, Google provides tools to support SEO strategies, and Google Search Console is one of these tools. Offered for free, it gives you comprehensive insights into your website’s performance on Google’s search results. These insights also come with recommended strategies to increase your organic traffic.

For a more thorough analysis, import your data from Google Search Console into Google Analytics. This allows you to examine and polish your SEO campaigns.

Once you add your website to your Search Console account, you need to verify that you are the owner, webmaster, or authorized user. GSC will then crawl your website and generate information and metrics for the past 16 months. You can use these details to:

  • Identify the pages with the highest traffic
  • Identify which queries bring the most traffic to your site
  • Find your average click-through rate
  • Monitor your average position on search engines
  • Compare your website’s performance across desktop, mobile, and tablet

2. SEMrush

SEMRush is an inclusive marketing tool that is a heavy favorite in the SEO community. It lets you search for SEO opportunities and gather information from your competitors. The software provided by SEMrush includes a variety of tools that help hone your SEO strategy. The platform also offers recommendations for using keywords throughout your website content.

Popular features on SEMRush include:

  • Backlink Analysis: Identifies backlinks and their referring domains and analyzes the performance of each link.
  • Content Analyzer: Examines the quality of content on your site and identifies the major issues.
  • Domain vs Domain: Compares your site to that of your competitors based on search data, traffic, and relevant keywords.
  • Keyword Research Tool: Finds the best keywords for your campaign.
  • On-Page SEO Checker: Monitors your rankings on search engines and gets recommendations on how to improve your site’s performance.

SEMRush allows you to make 10 free searches per day. You can subscribe to its Premium version if you want to conduct a more thorough analysis of your website.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another favorite tool of many SEO experts. As an extension for Chrome and for Firefox, it is available for a seven-day free trial. Paying for Ahrefs gives you unlimited access to a wide selection of features that can help you optimize your site. Some noteworthy features include:

  • Site Explorer: Gets detailed insights into the organic search traffic of your website or a specific page.
  • Content Explorer: Uses keywords to find the top-performing content within your niche.
  • Keywords Explorer: Generates thousands of keyword ideas, examines their ranking competitiveness, and analyzes their potential to bring in traffic to your site.
  • Rank Tracker: Monitors your rankings in real time and compares your performance against your competitors in terms of online visibility, average position in search engines, traffic, and SERP features.
  • Site Audit: Ahrefs crawls through your website and provides an overall SEO score. It also highlights SEO issues such as slow pages, missing metadata, and low-quality content. You’ll receive recommendations on how to fix these issues for better rankings.

Ahrefs allows you to monitor your website’s performance on desktop and mobile. You can also get scheduled reports sent through your email.

4. Answer the Public

SEO demands high-quality, original content because it helps you provide value for your prospective and current customers, which, in turn, increases your brand’s chances of being found online. Knowing the questions commonly asked by your target audience improves your keyword targeting and helps you create content that matches the search intent of your customers.

Answer the Public

Free tools like Answer the Public are handy for helping you come up with high-quality content that is likely to be read and shared, bringing organic traffic to your site. Once you enter a keyword, Answer the Public gathers popular queries based on that keyword and generates phrases and questions your target audience uses on search engines. This data gives you insight into the concerns and desires of your customers, allowing you to create highly targeted content that tackles these needs.

5. Woorank

Woorank is a handy Chrome extension that provides paid and free options to analyze the SEO health of a website. Once you browse a site, the tool generates a report in seconds. This report includes an SEO score for the website and a checklist that details what actions to take to fix the issues with the site’s SEO.

Another interesting feature of Woorank is its social shareability pane. This section provides social network information such as the number of comments, likes, shares, and backlinks of your website across popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These insights help you improve your social media strategy.

Woorank also has a section where you can check the rendering of your pages and their loading speed on mobile devices.

With business competition increasing thanks to the further development of the Internet, it’s important to make the most of your resources so that your business stays on top. Using the best SEO tools, such as the ones mentioned above, will help you better understand your website’s condition in terms of SEO so you can optimize it and produce excellent results.

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