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About Us

TheWrongPlan is a magazine blog based on  Technology, Digital Marketing and Business.

Every day our blog is updated with how-to articles and best tips tricks and lifesaving productive hacks related to the world of Digital marketing, business and technology.

As of today, TheWrongPlan has 10K+ monthly visitors are the number is rapidly growing.

We are a team of highly dedicated writers and editors who have been learning about  Technology and Digital Marketing and Business for the past seven years.

After leaving our full-time jobs now, we have only one goal, and that is to create an engaging community which would benefit our entrepreneurs across the world with their needs related to Digital marketing Technology and Business.

Why should one learn about digital marketing?

In 2019 almost 70% of the global population is using the internet. 2 out of every seven people is holding an android phone. Since so many people depend upon the internet for most of their needs, Digital Marketing has an industry which will stay in the game forever.

Today every company, business, and every startup or any professional service needs a digital marketing team to grow online and to make millions.

At TheWrongPlan you will find everything that you should know to become a pro digital marketer.

You will find content tips latest news and step by step guides which will walk you through everything under the sun of Digital marketing industry.

TheWrongPlan has spent years researching learning and applying various strategies and techniques. You can learn from our experience, our failures, our mistakes, and our success

Digital marketing is a very broad subject which has so many subtopics and factors and the industry changes rapidly. Every day new companies will change its environment by introducing new products.

At TheWrongPlan  you will regularly get all the updates so that you never miss an opportunity

What’s so special about  Technology content was written by TheWrongPlan?

As discussed sofar companies like Amazon and Google have changed the world. Today we depend on various technologies with almost all essential things in our life.

Every day there is some software, gadgets and accessories are released into the market. At TheWrongPlan we provide regular updates when it comes to gadgets, smarthome accessories, new tech products and services that are in the market.

We use them and provide in-depth reviews, guides, and articles which will help you to become more productive over time.

How TheWrongPlan helps entrepreneurs and businesses?

Are you a new entrepreneur who has recently established a brand new business or are you the one who is stuck in a regular 9 to 4 job and trying to escape the rat race by incorporating your comany ? In that case, TheWrongPlan will help you understand how a business works?

There are many articles related to Entrepreneurship and business on TheWrongPlan which can help you out.

You are business strategy is the make or break factor for your success and establishing a successful business is not obviously simple. There are some aspects like financial, legal, tax, market, demand, competition etc. which should be taken into consideration.  By reading TheWrongPlan on a regular basis, you can take advantages of experiences of fellow entrepreneurs and a well-established community.

To say precisely TheWrongPlan is a multi-niche blog which will mainly focus on three industries, i.e., Digital Marketing, Business, and Technology.

Go and check out our blog once you spend a few minutes of your time there I am sure you will find value, and you will come back.

Please bookmark our blog and check us out on a regular basis. We promise you that you will find a lot of valuable content which will assist you with Digital marketing business and technology.

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