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Write for us Technology, digital marketing and business, Guest posting opportunity for free

We have completed nearly 5 years since TheWrongPlan was founded back in 2015. We have received a tremendous response from our visitors.

Throughout the past one year, our readers have supported TheWrongPlan a lot.

You have shown your support by following is on social media pages and with your likes comments and shares.

We have taken your feedback seriously, and that has helped us to become one of the most established authority blogs in our niche.

We believe it’s time to give something back to the community.

Your article must be highly researched and human written.

That’s why we have started accepting guest posts on our website.

How will this help our readers?

Your content and you will get a lot of exposure. Your article will be read by thousands, and you can benefit from feedback from our visitors and editors.

More visitors from a relevant niche to your website. This will undoubtedly increase your traffic.

You will get a backlink to your site which might boost your SEO.

If we like your work, we might welcome you to our inner circle of writers.

However for us to approve your work, you must follow some quality standards.

Required quality standards for guest post-approval.

  • Your content must be 100% unique. Like all serious bloggers, we don’t tolerate plagiarism. That means content given by you shouldn’t be anywhere else on the internet including your own blog.
  • Your content must be free from all form of errors. Be it grammatical observational context etc.
  • We test your content with Copyscape and carefully proofread before accepting your content.
  • Your content must be relevant to the industry.
  • Your content must be minimum 1500+ words and length. Longer your content piece is more is a chance for approval.
  • Your content must be non promotional in nature. No reviews sales pitches with affiliate links, please. That would waste your time.
  • We don’t allow promotional links in  article body, You can feel free to give reference links in the content
  • Try to write about something that has not already published on your blog.

In order to protect our reputation and interests of our readers those quality standards are minimum, and if you can’t qualify the above quality standards, you may not hear back from us.

What happens if we approve your content

If you are a great writer and if you are content matches all their quality standards there is no reason why you wouldn’t hear back from us.

We will reach you on the email id that you have provided and communicate with you.

In most cases, content may not be directly published. Our editor might send you feedback to make the article even better.

Once your content is approved and is live, we will update the same with you.

Topics where we allow to Write for us:

  • Technology
  • Mobile Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Business
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • SEO

We reserve some rights here.

  • TheWrongPlan reserves the right to accept or refuse any guest post proposal.
  • Once we have approved your content TheWrongPlan reserves the complete rights on the content. We can edit modify update or remove your content anytime we want.
  • We can use the content and parts of content anywhere on our blog and our social media pages.

If you are trying to submit some spam articles for the sake of link building, don’t bother.

Usually, be approved only one and a maximum number of to backlinks and not more than that. We will occasionally check the webpages where we are sending our visitors, and if we notice any harm to our reputation, we reserve the rights to remove your backlinks too.(This will happen only if you are misleading us).

If you have any idea or topics in your mind kindly share with us on our mail id: [email protected]

If you have any doubt and query you can feel free to contact us.